Please fill out the form below to in order to properly plan and promote your event. All forms are subject to approval before they are placed on the calendar. Please submit this form a minimum of 3 weeks before it is announced (not 3 weeks before the event) to allow time for approval and for graphics to be ordered for posters/TVs etc. As a rule, we do not promote events more than three weeks in advance of an event. If you would like your event to begin promotion prior to 3 weeks ahead, please contact the church office.

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Main Contact for this Event
Please list the requested dates/times/locations below. All requests are subject to approval by the church office.
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Connect others to God & His Church. Grow into Christian Maturity. Serve as a member of the body of Christ. Go into the community and foster positive change.
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Some events require attendees to sign up beforehand. We place sign-up sheets in the lobby and on our website if needed.
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If YES, please indicate the amount and other requirements in the "Additional Details" section below.
Please describe in what ways that this event will foster meaningful connection with one another. It's not enough just to show up and do the event - it's critical that we connect with one another and build relationships.
Please list set-up requirements, equipment needed, people required (i.e., Audio Team member), or any other specific details related to preparing for this event.
Please write the text that you would like the communications team to use to promote your event. You may leave this blank and the office can help with this if needed. This is subject to approval and may be adjused by our team if needed.
Standard event promotion includes posters, pre-serivce slides, lobby TV's, lobby & web signups, and being printed in the bulletin. Please indicate any special requests/exceptions (i.e., we don't need graphics, or we would like a Facebook Post/Event, etc.) Also please let us know if you would like to meet with the office to discuss special promotional ideas. All posters/marketing is subject to approval.