the vineyard movement

The Vineyard movement emerged on the scene in the late 1970’s, at what has been called a “crossroads” of American Christianity and culture. The first Vineyard church, founded in Southern California during this time period, was a haven for young Christians who weren’t able to find God through sex, drugs and rock 'n’ roll. Average people, as well as actors and musicians whose names would be familiar to us today (Bob Dylan, T-Bone Burnett, Keith Green), were connected with the Vineyard. Eventually, under the leadership of John Wimber, the Vineyard rapidly grew into a worldwide movement with over 1500 churches.


New Life Fellowship was founded in 1989 by Russ Williams and his wife Mary. Over the next five years, the church experienced growth and purchased its first building at 1517 Bayliss in Midland. In 1994, Don Milton became the lead pastor and under his leadership New Life Fellowship became New Life Vineyard, becoming a part of the Vineyard movement. The church continued to experience growth and in 2006 the church purchased it’s second (and current) building at 1014 E. Ashman in Midland. Over the years God has been extremely gracious to New Life Vineyard Church.  The Church has continued to grow and many lives have been touched and transformed for the Kingdom of God locally, nationally, and around the world.


The Vineyard story is about ordinary people who worship and serve an extraordinary God. In the Vineyard we seek the “radical middle,” meaning we strive to blend the best of the Evangelical, Pentecostal, Liturgical, and Social Justice movements. We seek to embrace and exemplify:

  • Sound Doctrine: the words of Christ

  • Holy Spirit Empowerment: the power of Christ

  • Service: the works of Christ

  • Meaningful Traditions: the disciplines of Christ (baptism, prayer, communion)

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