Monday Evenings from 7:00 – 8:30 pm
October 14 through November 18, 2019
New Life Vineyard Church   1014 E. Ashman St. Midland, MI
Preregistration by Monday Oct. 7, 2019 is


In this class retirees Art & Crystal Prunier help you gain a deeper understanding of the many aspects of retirement planning.  It’s not all about the money, though they will spend considerable time covering that topic.  Rather, it’s the non-financial aspects they also discuss (Social Connections, Meaningful Activities, Physical Health and Spiritual Life) that will be critical to your retirement happiness.

Thoughtful and wise planning for your retirement future places finances into their proper, supporting role.

This class provides an intermediate level discussion of all topics presented.  As you would expect, basic information is covered.  But this class goes deeper.  And for each topic covered it suggests action steps to enable you to make practical use of the information.

You will receive a detailed notebook that contains complete presentation notes, extensive supplemental reading, and retirement-focused worksheets.

Whether you are far from, close to, or even already in retirement, this class will provide fresh insights and practical advice.



What is Retirement? Managing Your Personal Assets

Purposeful Retirement                                    Deciding When to Retire

Aging and Longevity                                        Plan for Meaningful Activities

Financial Planning Overview                          Spiritual Aspects of Retirement

Spending Plans in Retirement          Taxes and Tithes in Retirement

Income You Can’t Outlive                               Enhance Your Social Connections

Understanding Social Security                       Old Age and Estate Planning

Planning for Your Physical Health                 Hiring a Retirement Planner

Medical Expenses in Retirement                   Retirement Calculations - Generic

Maintain Your Brain                                        Retirement Calculations - Personalized

Long Term Care in Retirement                      What’s Next?


The only cost to attend is $15 for each class notebook.  Most couples who attend share one notebook.  The Pruniers teach this class as volunteers.


For more information or to register for this class, write to the Prunier’s:


There is no connection between this class and any brokerage, investment advisory or insurance firm.  Art Prunier, PhD, RICP, is a teaching assistant with The American College of Financial Services, an accredited, non-profit college dedicated to financial education.


Does this class only cover financial topics?

No.  This class actually focuses on 5 areas of retirement living that benefit from thoughtful planning: Meaningful Activities, Social Connections, Physical Health, Spiritual Life and (importantly) Finances.  More time is spent on financial topics than on the other topics, but all are important. 

Am I too young / too old to benefit from this class?

It is wise to begin learning about and saving for retirement early in life, even in your 20s and 30s.  Planning for retirement becomes even more important in your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  Even those who have been retired for several years can learn a great deal from this class.

I’m new to thinking about finances; will this class be over my head?

I know quite a bit about financial topics—will this class be too basic?

This is an intermediate level class.  We cover the basic ideas, but also move on to more in-depth discussions about both financial and non-financial topics.  Class participants have consistently told us that the financial topics are explained in a manner that makes them easy to grasp.

I have enough money saved for retirement, so why should I attend?

The non-financial aspects of retirement (Meaningful Activities, Social Connections, Physical Health, and Spiritual Life) are the ones that will most help you find satisfaction in your life.

My spouse takes care of our finances, so do I need to attend?

Actually, it is important for both spouses to understand the financial concepts.  In many cases the less financially knowledgeable spouse is the one who lives the longest and will need the information. 

I am already working with a financial planner.  Will I benefit by attending?

Definitely!  The financial topics we cover will help you understand the reasoning behind your financial planner’s recommendations.  That will help you be a more effective partner in the planning process.

We have been to free dinners / seminars in the past where it was clear that the presenter wanted new clients.  Is this the case with this class? 

No!  Crystal and Art are volunteer (unpaid) financial educators, not financial advisors looking for clients.  They have no connection whatsoever to any brokerage, investment advisory or insurance firm.  They present adult education classes on financial topics out of a passion to help others learn more about their own finances and prepare for a meaningful and satisfying retirement.

What are your qualifications for discussing the financial aspects of retirement planning?

Art, who covers the financial topics, is a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) and is currently working towards a Master’s degree in retirement planning.  He also works part-time as a teaching assistant for The American College of Financial Services’ RICP program, which trains professional financial advisors to perform retirement planning.

I prefer to do most of my own financial planning.  How will I benefit from this class?

This class discusses most aspects of retirement financial planning.  If there is something you’ve overlooked, you’ll discover it from either the class discussion or the Extra Info sections of the class notebook itself.  Every topic covered has footnotes to recent journal articles of significance.  The Additional References suggestions point you towards the very best books.  And lastly, you’ll get to ask Art detailed questions during class time and breaks.

For more information or to register for this class, write to the Prunier’s: